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About Nicety Instruments

NCT commits to provide high quality and professional microscopes, optical instruments and microscope accessories. NCT has rich experience in serving electronics, precision machinery, micro measuring, laboratory, metallographic research, education and chemical industry. We produce and sale stereo microscopes, video microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, digital microscopes and all kinds of microscope accessories. NCT is able to supply various microscope parts to fully meet demands from distributors, provide completed solutions for all customers.

NCT strives to develop new mainstream products and always make the lead in micro vision.

NCT combines modern electronic imaging with traditional optic closely and makes easier for clients to step into mirco world, and develop a broader vision for exploration of mirco world.

Accumulated manufacturing experience and technical cooperation makes us capable to provide the most competitive products for clients. High efficient and religious operation system assure to offer the clients the best quality and the most prompt delivery, and provide long term after-sales service support for each products we sell.

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