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Trinocular Body: N0101103 Binocular Body: N0101102  
High-performance, high-quality features make this kind of microscope can be applied to schools, scientific institutions, as well as industrial assembly, test, measurement, quality control and test. High-definition, long depth of field and 3D images are available. Both side horizonal design of variable power hand wheel, flexibility and comfortable zoom, and high-precision. Strong 3D sense of images, high-resolution, flat image surface. Ergonomical design ensures operators a long comfortable operation

% Viewing head: 45< inclined, 360< rotatable binocular head or trinocular head. The inter-pupillary distance adjustable between 52-75mm; both diopter adjustment of range \5mm.
% Eyepiece: Wide field, high-eyepoint eyepice, It can observe image of observation specimen with glasses.
% Objective: Zoom objective magnification 0.8X-5X.
% Magnification range: between 4X-200X.
% Working distrance: 115mm, special maximum working distance can provide more working space for you
% Accessories: There are many accessories to choose.

Optical Datasheet:
Auxiliary Lens W.D
10X/22 15X/16 20X/12
Mag. FOV(mm) Mag. FOV(mm) Mag. FOV(mm)
0.5X 220 4X~25X 55~8.8 6X~37.5X


8X~50X 31.2~5
Built-in(1X) 115 8X~50X 27.5~4.4 12X~75X 20~3.2 16X~100X 15.6~2.5
2X 45 16X~100X 13.8~2.2 24X~150X 10~1.6 32X~200X 7.8~1.3


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