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Product > LED Illumination > 96 LED Adjustable Ring Lights
Model No.: N0601106  
  LED allocates glossy annularity light circuit adopt the PWM tune to glorify a technology , the colour temperature is stable , the power dissipation is low , life time is longer than fluorescent lamp , reliability is high , reality uses cost low , width voltage design, may satisfy the need being unlike a consumer, the holder for the wick and chimney of a kerosene lamp outer covering adopt ABS plastic fabrication , has the antistatic function, apply to IC industry especially wait for peculiar occasion, the LED luminescence light is a cold illuminant , is fit to be put into use to sensitive object of temperature observation.
Specification :
1. Power Supply: AC 90-265V 50/60Hz
2. Power Consumption: 4.5W
3. Diameter: I.D.:50mm; O.D.:68mm
96 LED Bulbs
5. Brightness:More than 13000LUX
6. Color of light: 6400K
8.Brightness adjust: 0-100%
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