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Product > Fluorescent Illumination > 7W Fluorescent Ring Light

Model No.:N0602102(240v)/N0602112(120v)

  Integrative design, use simply, the luminous of 7 W is on an equality with the 40W electronic lamp, electricity conservancy, only as one fifth of the electronic lamp, less heat radiation, only as one third of the electronic lamp. Which both in excellent quality and reasonable price, it has been widely used in stereomicroscope.
Specification :
1.Input Power: 7 Watts
2.Input Voltage (AC): 100 VAC, 120 VAC or 220/240 VAC
3.Input Frequency (AC): 50/60 Hz
4.Operating Frequency: 60 Hz
5.Lamp output power: 7 Watts
6.Color Temperature: 5500K for deluxe daylight
7.Lamp Life: 7,000 hours
8.Max. Opening:
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