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Product > Fiber Optic Illumination > 21V 150W Fiber Optic Illuminator
This series of product constitutes the cold-light illumination, and the power supply is specially designed for the industries like image processing, medical instruments, microscope illumination and industrial measurement. The halogen lamp cover is adopted for the power supply of this series of product.
Power Supply :
AC 220V /50Hz
AC 110V /60Hz
Power Consumption :
Intensity of Illumination and Stability :
When the input voltage ranges between í└15%, the variation of output voltage should be below 0.1% and that of illumination intensity should be below 0.8%.
Ripple Voltage :
Operating Temperature :
Color Temperature :
Dimensions :
8.9"í┴4.6"í┴5.433" (226mmí┴117mmí┴138mm)
Protection :
Output short-circuit protection; overheating protection (Cut-off at 95íŠ and automatic restoration at 65íŠ)
Safety Rules :
In line with UL, TUV and CCC
Lamp :
21V 150W halogen light bulb
Service Life of Lamp :
Approx. 200 hours at full load
Weight :
2.2kg (4.85 lbs.)
Adapter :
With a 5/8" Fiber Optic Cable Adapter
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