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Product > Fiber Optic Illumination > Fiber Optic Illuminator with filters
The illuminator is combined with fibers, it can provide a disposable and reliable light source with high-intensity, adjustable illumination and high evenness, so it is more widely suitable for the industries like electronics, high-precision machinery, biology, agriculture and clinical medical studies than common light sources.
Power Supply :
AC 90-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption :
Fuse :
2A Dia. 0.20"í┴0.79"(5í┴20mm)(L
Startup Time :
50ms (Full Load)
Filter :
Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
Efficiency :
Operating Temperature :
Storage Temperature :
Relative Humidity :
Illumination :
íŢ100000 Lux
Color Temperature :
Lamp :
21V 150W halogen reflector bulb
Weight :
4.25Kg (9.37 lbs.)
Service Life of Lamp :
Approx. 200 hours at full load
Dimensions :
8.26"í┴6.69"í┴5.119" (210mmí┴170mmí┴130mm)
Weight :
4.25Kg (9.37 lbs.)
Adapter :
With a 5/8" Fiber Optic Cable Adapter
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