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Equipped with universal infinity independent-achromatic optical system,chromatic aberrations and curvature of field are both ideally corrected over the field of view. And the objectives own higher NA's producing crisp, clear images with minimal flare.
Benefit from infinity optics, N0211 series provide a flexible upgrade path to accommodate various accessories to meet your applications for observations of light field, phase contrast, dark field and polarization. And the N0211 series optics are perfect for both observations through the eyepiece as well as capturing images with a digital camera or a computer.
High-efficiency heat-sink-device of N0211 series keeps the microscopes surface at lower temperature even after long time work.

°ůOptical System: Independent Component infinity corrected optical system
°ůObservation tube: Focal length 200mm; The Eyetube inclination: 30°„; Interpupillary Adjustment: 52mm~75mm; 360°„rotatable microscope head;
°ůEyepiece: High-eyepoint and wide field 10X eyepiece;
°ůNosepiece: Quadruple nosepiece
°ůCoarse/Fine focusing: Fine:0.1mm per rotation, Coarse:14mm per rotation,
°ůStage: Rectangular 142mmX135mm surface stage mounted on the main body. Cross travel 76mmX52mm using low-positioned X/Y coaxial control knob.
°ůObjectives: 4X/10X/40X/100X(oil)
°ůIllumination system: 6V-20W halogen bulb and 3.5W LED illumination
  Objective: Benefit from brilliant Infinity Achromatic Optics Design, objectives own higher numerical apertures, capture flat images over the entire field of view virtually minimum curvature. Mildew resistant finish is applied to the objectives.
  Eyepiece: High eye-point, Wide field of view, diopter adjustable.Standard 10X eyepieces view-field can be choosed between 18mm and 20mm. And high eye-point eyepiece with the distance up to 21mm view-field can take you into wider vision and more comfortable feeling even when you are wearing eyeglasses.
  Binocular Tube: 30°„inclined chain binocular tube based on the concept of humanity design makes it easy to operate, fatigue-free and 360°„rotatable which satisfy the need of teaching.
  Trinocular Tube: Easy to connect and work with any kinds of camera and digital camera. Convenient to obtain and process images, as well as files' storage.
  Condenser: Easy to operate, more precise and optimized contrast. NA1.25 Abbe condenser can meet the demand of different magnification objectives. Condenser aperture diaphragm uses the same color mark of objectives in order to get images of more resolution and contrast.
  Revolving Nosepiece: 4-holes or 5-holes. Avoid the influence of breathing. Easy to lay the sample and change objectives while observing.
  Co-axial Coarse and Fine Adjustment: Ergonomically designed. Scale precises to 0.001mm. Accurate, fatigue-free, steady and reliable.
  Illuminating system: 6V/20W high brightness halogen lamp provides clear and steady lighting. Large aperture and aspheric surface lens makes it easy for the images to get bright and even lighting. LED and battery system can be flexiblly configurated according to the demand. Also it is easy to change the bulb.
  Dark Condenser: Designed specially for dark field observation to get more excellent effect.
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